5 tips for selling your boat fast

With the latest Market Index Report indicating that it takes and average time of 344 days to sell a boat, it is vitally important to get off to the best start and make that Sale in the shortest possible time frame.

Take a look at our 5 Top Tips to give your boat the best chance of a quick Sale!


It is essential to set a realistic initial asking price to attract that all important buyer.

Most vendors realize that in today’s market they will almost always be made an offer below the asking price. LBSS will assist you in the final pricing of your yacht by checking other Brokers selling the same make and model as yours and through YachtWorld we have exclusive access to Sold Boat data on over 450,000 boats.

It is a delicate balance to achieve a fair and viable selling price; we will work with you to achieve this!


There will be many other similar types of boats for sale so it is important to make sure that your boat stands out for all the right reasons.

The listing Brokerage won’t necessarily be the deciding factor for a buyer – it’s all about the Boat, so you have to ensure that your boat stands up to the competition in Presentation and Price!


Make sure to include all the features of the boat in the specifications and photographs. Buyers want detail and will decide whether to take the next step based on the Inventory and Description. You cannot leave a potential customer wondering, this will risk them looking further afield. When they make that all important enquiry to us , lets ensure it’s a quality enquiry based on all the initial information provided.


It may sound obvious but ensure the boat is Clean, Tidy and Presented at it’s best at all times.

Thoroughly clean the interior and exterior and make any repairs as buyers want the reassurance that the boat has been well maintained and looked after.


When the boat is looking its best, quality photographs that represent this are essential. We make sure there are no unwanted items in a shot and pay attention to the smallest detail. Weather and Location are important. Clean bright photos, where you can see all the good qualities of the boat are what will draw buyers in. Buyers love photos of EVERYTHING and if you need to use a few props to enhance the interior – use them.

The LBSS team are here to help you Sell so if you require any advice or support do Contact Us.