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LBSS hosted Welcome Reception for 2017 Sail Malaysia Rally to Langkawi.

On the evening of the 28th November 2017 LBSS hosted a very successful Welcome Reception to greet the participants in the 2017 Sail Malaysia Rally to Langkawi. The party was enjoyed by all and yachties from all corners of the world partied the night away. Sailors Supplies presented a sampling of their delicious food products and LBSS provided an open bar for the evening.


Rebak Marina supplied staffing together with use of SY69.( see photo’s attached). The following day LBSS participated in the annual Rebak Marina Bring and Buy Sale where we showcased the VESPER range of AIS products and our See at Sea LED replacement bulbs.

Sail Malaysia
Objective in this event is to help participants discover Malaysia by sea. Although west coast of peninsula Malaysia has been well documented over the years, with Sail Malaysia, you will be able quickly familiarize the region as well as getting to know the local hosts on more enjoyable and personal manner.